Stainless Steel Autoclave Sterilizer with Papless Recordor

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Autoclave sterilizer is a pressure chamber used to carry out industrial processes requiring elevated temperature and pressure different to ambient air pressure. Autoclaves are used in food factory to eliminate the harmful bacteria in canned food, mushroom glass jar, egg vacuum packing, vacuum packed rice, and fish tin can. In medical applications autoclaves are used to perform sterilization; and in the chemical industry to cure coatings, vulcanize rubber and for hydrothermal synthesis.
Many autoclaves are used to sterilize equipment and supplies by subjecting them to high pressure saturated steam at 121 °C (249°F) for around 15-20 minutes depending on the size of the load and the contents.  But in some start-up business firms and Laboratory for big food factory, electric heating type autoclave are widely used.

Electric Heating Autoclave sterilizer (back pressure sterilization equipment)
Electric heating autoclave sterilizer that we can offer have different configuration, for example, the layout of the autoclave sterilizer vessel may different a lot. Most of our autoclave sterilizer are designed according buyers request. Here now we list our some commonly used layout of high pressure autoclave sterilizer for your reference:
  1. Series No. R-S (horizontal autoclave sterilizer with single sterilization vessel)
This series have 2 hot sell autoclave sterilizers, we give them different Reference No. to distinguish them:
  • Ref. No. S E S.
Single vessel autoclave sterilizer with electric heating and water sprayer.
Here the first "S" means the autoclave sterilizer vessel is single---single vessel and single wall, no thermal insulation material used. "E" stands for the heating mode of this autoclave sterilizer is electric. At the bottom of the autoclave sterilizer, there will be 2 or 3 electric heating tubes. The last letter "S" tells about the way of heat transfer in the autoclave sterilizer. When this autoclave sterilizer working, the steam jet and / or water droplets will spray out towards the content in the sterilization chamber to generate an evenly heating.
  • Ref. No. S V S.
While the above mentioned autoclave sterilizer use steam heating rather than electric, we change the middle letter "E" in the Ref. No. resulting a new autoclave sterilizer which is heated by steam vapor, single sterilization vessel with sprayer.
  1. Series No. R-I (Horizontal autoclave sterilizer with insulated sterilization vessel)
This series have 3 hot sell autoclave sterilizers, here we list the reference No. for your reference.
  • Ref. No. E S
This ref. No. stands for an insulated autoclave sterilizer heated by electric, with steam sprayer. Steam or hot water usually spray out from the top of the inner autoclave sterilizer chamber. Under request, we can made it into top and side spray type.
  • Ref. No. T S
This ref. No. shows us the autoclave sterilizer is electric heating type with sprayer. Compared with the autoclave sterilizer mentioned above, this autoclave sterilizer have an insulated water storage tank besides the sterilization pot. This sterilization structure is commonly used in factories which have limited height for the autoclave sterilizer.
  • Ref. No. O S
This reference No. will introduce a hot sell autoclave sterilizer to us --- the overlay type autoclave sterilizer. The sterilization vessel was heated by electric, with steam / hot water sprayer, with insulated sterilization pot. What's more, it comes with high level water tank on the sterilization pot. That means the water recycle tank was fixed on the top of the sterilization vessel. It is one on another instead of one beside another.
All the above listed autoclave sterilizers are water spray type. Water immersion type autoclave sterilizer and water circulation type autoclave sterilizer are also in our business scope. No mater you need water spray autoclave sterilizer, water immersion autoclave sterilizer or water circulation autoclave sterilizer, the heating medium can be all saturated steam at 121 °C. all of them use counter pressure to protect your product from got broken due to the pressure in the sterilization process.

Steam-Spray-Counter Pressure Retort autoclave sterilizer
Steam Water Spray Retort
Retort autoclave sterilizer is also called autoclave sterilizer or sterilization retort. In some country and area, autoclave sterilizer also being referred to as autoclave or autoclave autoclave sterilizer. Clave is also being used as the name of a autoclave sterilizer.
We can see many different packing and package for fruit, juice, meat and fish, tin can, glass jar, PP bottle, vacuum packagemost of them need to be sterilized before they are send to supermarket. A autoclave sterilizer is the right machine which used to sterilize the above mentioned products.
Hot Sell Autoclave sterilizer Customer Case
Customer request
  1. electric water spray autoclave
  2. for C-PET plastic trays containing tofu
  3. tray size 150 × 130 × 45mm
  4. around 200 trays each batch
  5. use 380V 50Hz 3phase power supply
  6. 121degree C sterilization temperature
Suggested Autoclave / Autoclave sterilizer price (FOB Ningbo)
No. Item Unit price Amount
1 DN800×1000 - CE
electric heating water spray
**,8** usd **,8** usd
Autoclave / Autoclave sterilizer specification
Retort capacity 500L
Productivity cans/batch 192 trays
for 150 × 130 × 45mm trays
Pot size Φ800*1000 mm
Design temperature 143 0C
Operating temperature ≤138 0C
Design pressure 0.3mpa
Working pressure ≤0.26Mpa
Heating method Electric
Heating power ≤36KW
Material SUS304
Raw material thickness 7mm
Thermal insulation 50mm PU insulation with 1.5mm cladding
Welding coefficient 0.7
Corrosion allowance 1mm
Exhaust diameter() DN32-40
Cold and hot water connection tube diameter DN40-50
Overflow pipe diameter() DN25-50
Drain-pipe diameter () DN40-50
Relief valve diameter() DN25-50
Compressed air diameter() DN15-20
Adjust mouth diameter() DN25-40
Weight(kg) 500
Overall dimension L×W×H 1500×1200×1200 mm
Design life 12 years
Autoclave sterilizer working flow
Steam spray autoclave sterilizer / steam heating autoclave sterilizer use steam jet to heat the content to about 121 degree C for 10 to 30 minutes. After cooling, cool water or ice water was introduced to the autoclave sterilizer chamber for a rapid cooling. After the cooling process, we finished the sterilization batch. So, a steam heating / steam spray autoclave sterilizer working process should be like this:
  • Loading glass jar / fish tin can or any other package into the autoclave basket.
  • Push the sterilization baskets into the autoclave sterilizer chamber and seal the door.
  • Pump process water into the autoclave sterilizer body.
  • Turn on the steam inlet valve to start the pre-heating process.
  • When temperature arrived to 121 degree, turn down the steam inlet valve and keep the temperature at 121 degree C without any significant increase.
  • Add some compressed air into the retort or open the pressure relief valve to control the pressure at a suitable level.
  • Pump cooling water to the retort chamber or plate heat exchanger (if exist) for cooling
  • Unloading the tin can / glass jar / bottle and finish the sterilization batch
Explain of steam spray retort autoclave sterilizer / autoclave sterilizer retort / sterilization retort
When steam spray autoclave sterilizer working, directly injected steam blends with fine droplets of the water spray and results in an extremely homogenous heat transfer environment throughout the whole autoclave / autoclave sterilizer / retort autoclave sterilizer. As water jets spray into the sterilization baskets from its top and the sides as well, even and rapid heating and cooling process will be achieved.
Counter Pressure in autoclave sterilizer retort
During the preheating process, counter pressure will be unnecessary. After the content in autoclave sterilizer being heated to 121 degree C or any other sterilization temperature, the counter pressure will be needed especially in the sterilization process of glass bottle and tin can. The counter pressure is mainly generated from the compressed air. This pressure will help to keep the bottle cap stay at the bottle without flip out due to the inner bottle pressure. That is to say, counter pressure during the sterilization process will help the autoclave users increase the sterilization efficiency.
Compressed air is also being used as a force to press out the hot water and cool water from the autoclave sterilizer body to the hot water or cold water storage tank.
Benefits of water spray autoclave sterilizer
  • Quick heating in preheating process
  • uniform heat distribution in autoclave sterilizer chamber
  • Rapid and even cooling.
  • Low electricity, steam and water consumption.
  • Safe counter pressure control during all process phases.
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Suitable for different types and sizes of package.

Accessories for steam spray autoclave sterilizer retort
  • Pressure gauge
  • Temperature thermometer
  • Safety valve
  • Safety lock
  • Gasket sealing ring
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Compressed air inlet valve
  • Water inlet pump
  • Steam inlet valve and by pass valve (optional)
  • Pipe filter for cooling water
  • Filter screen for water outlet pipe (optional for glass jar autoclave sterilizer)
  • Countdown Timer for sterilization period / cooking phase
  • Level meter
  • Plate heat exchanger (optional)
  • Round Paper recorder / paper less recorder (optional)
  • USB Date logger (optional)
  • Insulated Hot water tank (optional)
  • Conveyor Chain inside the autoclave sterilizer retort (optional)
  • PLC control system (optional)
  • Air compressor
  • Compressed air storage tank
Price for autoclave sterilizer retort sterilization machine
Due to the diameter and the length of the autoclave sterilizer retort various for different usage, the price of our retort autoclave sterilizer will be different. In order to offer you an accurate price, please let us know your request of the autoclave sterilizer diameter and the length of the sterilization machine body. Or you can tell us the dimension of your product package and its quantity you want to sterilize per batch. We will offer you the most suitable solution and the price.